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Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Board rejects results of its own consultation!

January 13, 2020 7:03 AM
By Andy

Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Board rejects results of its own consultation!

The Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group promised to respect the results of the Maternity Transformation consultation but when those results showed that residents wanted to keep the Trowbridge and Paulton Birthing Units open [62% - 1200 respondents out of 1800 replies], the CCG are now desperately trying to move the goalposts.

They are seeking to override their own consultation process by involving an "independent", anonymous handpicked bunch of experts.

The "independent" claim is seriously compromised by the fact one third of the "experts" have links with Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning. The group's anonymity is also very troubling - how real is this bunch of experts?

A decision on the recommendations will be made at a BANES/Swindon/Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group Meeting in Bradford on Thursday. It is not a public meeting. It is a meeting in public where no comments can be made and no questions asked. The recommendations are exactly those decisively rejected by the consultation.

There is a massive democratic deficit here!

Maternity campaigner Andy Milroy stated "Recently the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group, elected by Wiltshire GPs, not the people of Wiltshire, became submerged in a larger group, dominated by Bath and Swindon. The first act of this new BSW CCG is to reduce health care in Wiltshire."

Trowbridge Mayor Cllr David Cavill added "Not just Trowbridge Birthing Unit will close, it becomes entirely possible that all Maternity services in the town are threatened, including antenatal and postnatal. Moreover maternity beds in the last remaining stand alone Birthing Unit in Wiltshire, in Chippenham, are to be slashed too."

The Clinical Commissioners undertook a prolonged and extensive consultation process on the future of Maternity services in Wiltshire. They had a far bigger response than they expected. 1200 people disagreed or strongly disagreed with the closure of the Birthing Units. Now they are attempting to override this decisive public vote using some anonymous hand picked group which actually contains people from Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning.

Andy Milroy added "This is a public relations disaster for BSW CCG. It confirms the worst fears of Wiltshire residents that the new body will disregard the needs of Wiltshire and boost those of Bath and Swindon. The recommendations include a new Birthing Unit for the RUH in Bath!"

For further information contact:

Andy Milroy on 01225 763809

Cllr David Cavill on 01225 752881, mobile 07860 591 881